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Sam Crane

I have to tell you I was chuffed beyond measure at the recent service I received from Seven Hills Locksmiths. What started as a dismal ending to a fun night out with the lads ended with me back safely in my flat, forgotten keys that I had left in the lounge, back safely in my possession and no sign of forced entry to have to confess to the letting agent the next day! The mobile emergency team showed up at my doorstep 30 minutes after I called and without further ado, professionally and quietly dismantled my lock, without damaging it and then made sure I had my keys in hand before departing with a cheery goodbye. Thanks Sam…you were a life saver!”

Seven Hills Locksmiths takes justifiable pride in our line of cutting-edge high security locking systems. We take your security seriously, searching and identifying the best high security products in the industry so that we can implement them in our solutions for your security needs:

Keyless Locking Systems – When you make the decision to go keyless you solve the age-old problem of what to do when you lose your key! We sell and fit keyless locking systems that can be accessed by up to twenty users with a simple tap and enhanced encrypted security that prevents unauthorized access, an internal tamper alarm and the option of time-controlled user codes.

Master Key Systems – We offer master key systems for purchase and fitting that give you different levels of mechanical access to each lock in your system, which can all be controlled by one “grand master” key. Master key systems work with your staff hierarchy, allowing appropriate access to each of your employees that matches their level and work responsibilities.

Mechatronic Cylinders – Mechatronics is the fortunate marriage of electronic and mechanical security and can be installed seamlessly in an existing mechanical master key system. They are endlessly programmable, and existing master keys can be easily upgraded with an electronic clip for use on both mechanical and electronic access. Lost keys can simply be revoked so cylinders do not have to be replaced! These systems use smart electronics and are wireless, resulting in endless flexibility and security options that work effortlessly with your growing and changing security needs

.Bespoke High Security Locking Systems – The world as we know it today requires levels of security that would have been beyond imagination twenty or thirty years ago. You may very well have unique security needs that defy the high security locking systems currently on the market. We consider bespoke high security locking systems a special passion that we are only too pleased to work on for you, your home and business security needs. Our high security specialists work with you to design and implement bespoke security systems that protect your specific property challenges, be they residential or commercial security issues.