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Sam Crane

I have to tell you I was chuffed beyond measure at the recent service I received from Seven Hills Locksmiths. What started as a dismal ending to a fun night out with the lads ended with me back safely in my flat, forgotten keys that I had left in the lounge, back safely in my possession and no sign of forced entry to have to confess to the letting agent the next day! The mobile emergency team showed up at my doorstep 30 minutes after I called and without further ado, professionally and quietly dismantled my lock, without damaging it and then made sure I had my keys in hand before departing with a cheery goodbye. Thanks Sam…you were a life saver!”

Door Locks

Astoundingly, 2 out of 3 burglars gain access to a home invasion through a door! We offer the following types of door locks to ensure that your home doesn’t become part of this statistic:

Mortice Locks – five-lever mortise locks are recommended by the Home Office to be fitted on all exterior doors of your home, and many insurance companies use this recommendation as a minimum standard for home insurance.

Mortice locks are literally embedded into the door structure and can only be unlocked with a key. They can be used alone or alongside a Yale lock. Mortice Locks also go by the name deadlock or sash lock, but a deadlock is actually a mortice lock with only a keyhole and bolt, while a sash lock includes a bolt, latch and a pair of handles. The lever variations of a mortice lock are grouped as a 2,3,5, or 7 lever mechanism. Ultion locks, the best locks on the market have 11 pins, 5 more than the next best lock on the market! We always suggest to our customers if you really are looking for the best locks in the business, Ultion locks are what you need! 

The higher the number of lever mechanisms, the more difficult the lock is to be “picked”, hence the more secure the lock will be. A key is always required to unlock a mortice lock, causing the major benefit that a burglar cannot simply break through an adjacent window and unlock the door from the inside. Furthermore, a burglar who has gained access through a window in your house cannot leave through a mortice locked door that doesn’t have a key in it.

Additional security can be added to your doors via door chains or bars and the purchase and fitting of these devices are available at Seven Hills Locksmiths.

Yale Locks – Typically, front and internal door locks are cylinder rumor “Yale” locks. If your front door locks when you shut it and you require a key to unlock it and re-enter your home but can unlock it from the inside without a key, you have a cylinder rim lock. Yale locks are fitted to the exterior surface of the door and mounted on the interior door surface with a connecting cylinder.

The keyhole is located on the exterior side of the door. “Restricted” cylinders are available and offer extra physical security against unauthorized key duplication. Keys for these locks can only be authorized by the owner, identified as such usually through a security card system. We always recommend that you supplement your home safety by adding a mortice lock to the Yale lock on your front entry door.

Window Locks

When choosing window locks, high visibility locks are a practical consideration: even if a burglar breaks the window glass, the lock will ensure s/he cannot open the sash, risking injury if s/he chooses to climb in through broken glass.

All easily accessible windows, such as those downstairs or adjacent to flat roofs and drain pipes should be secured with easily fitted window locks, and their keys should always be stored in another location. Seven Hills Locksmiths are ready and willing to help you choose and fit window locks to your, and British standard.