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We have been serving the greater Sheffield area for a number of years and through that time we have maintained a top quality service offering that consistently meets the ever burgeoning and evolving safety needs of residents and landlords in South Yorkshire and further afield, a diverse area comprised of urban, suburban and rural settings; all with specific security issues and needs.

We pride ourselves on being a good neighbour and member of the Sheffield community. As such we value our clients just as much as we value our family and friends. We wish to foster long-term relationships based on consistent and outstanding service focused on individual as well as corporate needs with good value for money always at the forefront.


We also value quality over quantity


We are not in the business of collecting as many customers as we can, compromising on service in the pursuit of commerce


Our aim is to be our community’s helpmate, available at any time of the day or night to help those whose personal and business property is inaccessible or in peril.

Our mission is to do no harm in our helping and we truly believe that less is more when it comes to damaging property in the pursuit of protecting it! Whether you are a home owner or a commercial landlord, we look forward to the opportunity of helping you protect what is yours to protect.