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A cylinder or euro lock is currently the most common form of lock. You probably have one on your front and back door and will use them every day.

This is the type of lock were talking about. This principle of how this lock works is the same as rim cylinder locks (sometimes known as Yale locks) and most bike, cabinet and garage door locks.

A key in put into the lock and if the key matches the lock, the lock turns. This then opens the door.

That is how you use a lock, let’s take a look at how it actually works.

Inside a lock there are multiple pins. These pins are little bits of metal that move up and down when a key moves past them. They are attached to a spring so will only stay in place if something is holding it.

Each pin has a small split in the middle called a shear point. When the key enters the lock the bumps along the key line up the shear points with the cylinder inside the lock. This lets the cylinder spin without any pins blocking it.

As the cylinder spins it also spins the cam. This is the part of the lock that activates whatever locking mechanism it’s attached to, which unlocks your door, bike or garage.