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Everyone wants a safe and secure home, but what should you be looking out for to make your home as secure as possible? Here are a few things you can do to make your house more secure.

1. Check your door locks
The best thing you can do to secure your home is to make sure you have good locks on your doors. If the locks you have don’t fit the door properly or are designed as low security for internal doors this can be a real problem. Here’s what you should look out for.
On wooden doors with a mortice lock check you have a 5 lever lock. These are the locks designed for use on external doors. You can check if it’s a 5 lever lock by looking on the edge of the door where the bolt comes out of the lock. There will be a metal plate that should say how many levers you have.
If on your wooden door you have a nightlatch lock (sometimes called a Yale lock) it’s important to know they’re often not designed to secure the door all by itself. Usually it is used in combination with a mortice lock. It’s often very easy to get past only a standard nightlatch so make sure you’re using both locks on the door. In some cases you will only have the nightlatch on a door, if so check it’s a British Standard high security lock. It will have a seal saying so somewhere on the lock body. These British Standard nightlatch locks are designed to be safe even if they’re the only lock on the door.

For uPVC and composite doors have a look at the cylinder (the part where the key goes in). The cylinder shouldn’t stick out more than a few mm from the handle, otherwise there is a greater risk of someone breaking the lock and opening the door. If your cylinder has a star rating, either 1 or 3 stars, that’s great! If not it might be worth looking into getting your locks upgraded. Higher rated cylinders are much harder to break through. It will say what rating your lock is on the outside just under where the key goes in.

2. Put Sash Blockers on Your Windows
Sash blockers are small devices that fit on your window and can be swivelled over the window frame, stopping it from opening. This stops someone being able to force the frame open even if they manage to get past the window mechanism. Sash blockers are very cheap and a great way to improve your home security.

3. Alarm Systems
Alarms are not only a good way to alert you if a break in attempt does happen but is also a fantastic deterrent. It’s much less likely someone will try to rob a house with an alarm. Alarm systems can be much cheaper than you’d expect and packages like the new Yale smart home mean you can buy and fit the system yourself. It’s definitely worth looking into if you’re serious about your home security.

4. Put Valuables In A Home Safe
Having a home safe is a very good last line of defence. Storing your most valuable items in a safe protects them in a break in, but also from being stolen by unknown visitors or people working in your house. These safes are hard to get into without a key and will take more time than a potential burglar has. For even better security have the safe secured inside a wardrobe or against a wall. That way nobody can just steal the safe and take everything away with them.

I hope these tips on keeping your home secure give you a few ideas where to start with improving the safety and security in your home. If you need any more information or help don’t hesitate to get in touch. I will be happy to help anyway I can.