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You’ve probably heard the term lock snapping at some point, it is the most common way an intruder can force a lock. In fact 9/10 times a burglar breaks into a property by forcing the lock they snap the lock. So what is lock snapping and how can you protect against it?

Lock snapping is when an intruder uses tools to grab onto the cylinder of the lock and pull it to one side from outside the door. This snaps the cylinder in middle inside the at the weak point allowing the intruder to totally remove it. When a door doesn’t have a cylinder in it, there is nothing stopping anyone from opening the lock with a screwdriver, or even the back of a spoon. If your lock is snapped, your door is no longer secure.

So how do you protect yourself against lock snapping? First of all you need to make sure your have a snap safe lock. This doesn’t totally protect against lock snapping but it’s a very good start.

You need to make sure your lock fits the door correctly, this means it doesn’t stick out any further than necessary. If the lock sticks out too far it makes it incredibly easy to grab onto and snap. Make sure you get a locksmith to install your locks if you’re in any doubt.

Next is to make sure your handle is good quality and secure. Most handles can be broken very easily and quickly leaving enough of the lock exposed to snap. Getting a secure handle protects against snapping as well as other forms of forced entry.

If you want to be totally secured against the number 1 type of break in you need to have a high security lock installed. These are much tougher to snap and even stop the lock ever being opened if the cylinder is snapped.