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In recent years high security locks have become a much more popular option when installing a new lock. These high security locks make it much less likely an intruder can get into your house.

The door is where most intruders first attack when trying to break into a house or business. In fact 74% of intruders get in through the door. 43% of the time they achieve this by forcing the lock using techniques such as snapping, pulling or picking.

This is where high security locks come in. They are designed to stop these techniques from working making it much more difficult for an intruder to break in and virtually impossible for them to force the lock.

Let’s take a look at the security features of High Security Locks.

More Pins –

Locks work by aligning pins inside using the key. Each lock is set up with different pins and a key designed to align those specific pins. This is why a lock can only be opened by the key that fits. High security locks combat lock picking by using a better type of key called a dimple key and adding more pins. Some high security locks even have pins inside the other pins adding even more security. The more pins there are the harder it is to pick a lock.

Sacrificial Snap Off Sections (or snap safe) –

9/10 times an intruder will force a lock by snapping it. This is when they use a tool to snap the lock inside the door pulling it right out. High security locks have sections designed to fail when a lock is being snapped so the intruder cannot get the lock out or get through the door.

Anti-Drill Defenses –

Inside high security locks there are anti-drill bars. These stop or redirect a drill so it cannot damage the lock in a way that lets the intruder in. The locks are also made of strong materials that make drilling a lock require specialist tools.

Anti-Bump Pins –

Bumping is a method of forcing a lock open using a key that doesn’t match the lock. This isn’t a common way intruders force a lock, but high security locks still stop this technique working. The anti-bump pins are extra pins inside the lock that block a key that doesn’t match from ever opening the door.

There are even more security features on some locks. The Ultion High Security Lock has a lock-down mode if it detects an attack. This stops any manipulation of the lock totally securing a door.

A high security lock is a fantastic defense against an intruder and a brilliant deterrent too.